Technical Specifications


  1. Body temperature measurements with face mask recognition using a WiFi connected camera. Bright light will activate in case the fixed body temperature is surpassed. If the temperature of the user is lower than the fixed temperature, the automatic cabin aperture will activate.
  2. Before enabling the user, a controlled nebulization with a mixture of air and biocide will be activated at a concentration certified by a laboratory accredited as efficient against coronavirus, for 5-8 seconds (contact times tested by INTIAI in the Group of Neurovirology of the UAM), which ensures complete disinfection of the cabin through which the user will pass. (This system does not apply biocide directly on people, in order to comply with the recommendations published by the Ministry of Health of Spain, where it is reported that as of today, DISINFECTION OF PEOPLE IS NOT PERMITTED)
  3. Once the users entry has been approved, he/she will be able to enter to a totally safe and sterile cabin to sanitize their hands and proceed to enter the building

Technical characteristics

  • Modular system made from white aluminium structures.
  • Side wall made of 5+5 transparent safety glass.
  • External measurements:1320x1250x2300 mm (including side engine room)
  • Interior measurements: 995x1250x2185 mm
  • Flat aluminium plate as ceiling.
  • The structure is provided with access and exits fit for people with reduced mobility.
  • Facial recognition WiFi terminal, temperature detection and face mask recognition. This system comes with a luminous alarm.
  • Internal nebulization system on the superior structure designed for a homogeneous sanitation with programmable duration.


  • Biometric All-In-One wifi terminal with facial recognition technology, temperature detection, and face mask recognition, as well as NFC proximity card reader. This terminal includes WiFi conection and is oriented to access and presence control.
  • Disinfection system using CLODOS TECHNOLOGY biocide (gis), certified as a virucidal agent by an accredited laboratory according to UNE EN 14476, with special mention of coronavirus, establishing a concentration certified as NON-IRRITATING in skin, oral mucosa and eyes (in contact times of this application). The agent will be colorless, odorless and will not discolor hair, clothing or materials.
  • The customer will be given a technical sheet of the product and its corresponding certificates.