Sterile access

control systems

We work
to protect people

Intiai Eco introduces the latest access cabins that ensure a previously sanitized entry control before the user enters, providing a safer environment against different pathogens, such as viruses, bacteria and fungus. Our system allows the facial identification for the user, mask usage recognition and body temperature measurements.

Why Intiai?

At INTIAI we work to protect people during their daily activity in the least intrusive possible way, as well as offering the most economic and safe options. For this, we have collaboration agreements with the most advanced technology institutions in Spain.


Guaranteed sterilization

Ensured sterilization
Before the user enters the access cabin, the sterilization of the environment is ensured by controlled nebulization of biocide. This biocide has certification as a viricide through an accredited laboratory, making special mention of the coronavirus, as well as certifications of non-irritability.


Easy logistics

Intiai will take care of supplying the system and leaving it ready for use, fully installed and operational. The system has an internal biocide tank of 80 liters capacity that will be replaced on a regular basis. The amount of biocide will be controlled by software that will notify Intiai technicians for its replacement.

The system has a one-year warranty and the customer’s staff will be trained for its correct use and care.


Mobie system

Designed to be easily transported to any building entrance requiring a correct transit management against infectious agents.